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You should only do this in repositories that are not widely used yet. The changes are rather intrusive, but easily manageable in a one-person project or within a small team. In any other case, use it when all team members are coordinating this together.

No matter how we change the…

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There are a few bulk VAT number verification services out there that can perform the task for you. One that I’ve come across recently is an Excel-based macro that will obtain results from VIES.

Since I’m personally a fan of cloud-based services I wanted to look beyond what the first…

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You’ve probably heard of it and maybe you already had to answer to a customer who demanded a VAT invoice. It’s EU VAT, the headache that started in 2015 with VAT MOSS and continues to wreak havoc to non-compliant startups, even outside the European Union.

This tutorial applies to digital…

If you run an online subscription business, you’ll ultimately end up signing up customers from the European Union.

Tax Treatment for Business Customers

A business customer does not need to pay VAT. …

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Many domain name registrars offer free email forwarding to every domain name you register with them. I’m using Namecheap which does exactly that.

While I cannot discuss the setup procedure for every single registrar out there, I hope to lay it out to you by showing Namecheap as an example…

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I operate several droplets on DigitalOcean and this issue has been bugging me for ages. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I spent a whole hour searching for and trying out various suggested fixes with absolutely no avail. …

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If you haven’t installed MongoDB on your server yet, please follow my MongoDB installation guide here. I personally run MongoDB on a DigitalOcean droplet which was really easy to install. If you like, you can give it a try with a $100 credit by simply following this link:

Multiple Database Users vs. Single User

Should you…

This tutorial was originally published on Gatemill:

Type the following command to change the hostname with immediate effect:

$ sudo hostname <new-hostname>

If you re-login to the CLI, you’ll be greeted with that new hostname you have set.

Additional Configuration Files to Edit

There are additional configuration files to ensure that the hostname is changed…

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