While YouTube does not offer a native comment export function, you can use a tool to download and scrape all YouTube video comments.

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YouTube creators, researchers and agencies alike are struggling to analyze the sentiment of a video’s audience as there is no native functionality to extract all comments.

Here is where an analytics application like Coberry comes in. It’s intuitive YouTube comments downloader lets you save all YouTube video comments easily and subsequently download in CSV or plain text format.

The downloaded file can be analyzed further in a spreadsheet software such as Excel. To get started, all you have to do is to create a free account.

Extract YouTube Comments

Once signed up, you can start the comment export process by clicking the Add…

Over the course of a long-lasting project, your author information may change and the associations to a user profile on GitHub or GitLab may become broken. This is the ultimate guide for how to change the entire commit history.

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You should only do this in repositories that are not widely used yet. The changes are rather intrusive, but easily manageable in a one-person project or within a small team. In any other case, use it when all team members are coordinating this together.

No matter how we change the information of past commits, we are effectively rewriting the commit history. You will create new commit objects in this process. An altered history can become a serious problem for collaborators if they already have work based on some of the original commits.

Rewrite All Affected Commits

Rewriting commits is done with git filter-brand to…

If you need to check a few VAT numbers the VIES website is a good place to go, but validating more gets time-consuming. This guide explores a bulk VAT verification service for VAT numbers.

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There are a few bulk VAT number verification services out there that can perform the task for you. One that I’ve come across recently is an Excel-based macro that will obtain results from VIES.

Since I’m personally a fan of cloud-based services I wanted to look beyond what the first few Google results suggested to me.

A bulk validation service that could be particularly attractive to a wider audience is Vatstack because it lets you control everything from a dashboard.

Why a Cloud-Based Solution

The advantage of Vatstack’s solution is that all VAT number validation requests are stored in the cloud for future retrieval…

Accounting for EU VAT could be one of the most challenging hurdles to new software companies that want to implement compliant online payments for their digital products and subscriptions. This tutorial has an easy solution.

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You’ve probably heard of it and maybe you already had to answer to a customer who demanded a VAT invoice. It’s EU VAT, the headache that started in 2015 with VAT MOSS and continues to wreak havoc to non-compliant startups, even outside the European Union.

This tutorial applies to digital goods and services. These are telecommunications, broadcasting and electronic services (TBE), or officially called electronically supplied services by the European Commission. They can be e-books, audiobooks, online courses, subscription and hosting services, basically anything that can be sold online and digitally in an automated manner.

Even if your startup is…

Business customers enjoy special tax treatment because they are not charged a VAT in the EU. This tutorial attempts to automate VAT number re-validations for your subscription business.

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If you run an online subscription business, you’ll ultimately end up signing up customers from the European Union.

Tax Treatment for Business Customers

A business customer does not need to pay VAT. In order to verify that your customer is in fact a business customer, you have to ask for their VAT identification number and validate it in real-time.

If you use Stripe to handle subscription charges (there’s no reason why you shouldn’t), then you can simply add your business customer’s VAT number to the customer account. Stripe will initially validate EU VAT numbers for you, but only once.

Upon validation, the reverse-charge mechanism applies…

Sending and receiving emails with a custom domain name generally implied subscribing to a full-fledged email provider such as Google’s G Suite or Microsoft’s Office 365. This tutorial shows how you can send and receive emails using Gmail for free.

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Many domain name registrars offer free email forwarding to every domain name you register with them. I’m using Namecheap which does exactly that.

While I cannot discuss the setup procedure for every single registrar out there, I hope to lay it out to you by showing Namecheap as an example for receiving and forwarding emails to your Gmail account.

  • In the list of your domain names, click Manage for the domain name you want to receive emails with.
  • Under the “Domain” tab in the nameservers section, ensure that name servers have been set to “Namecheap BasicDNS”. If you have set…

Are you frustrated that cloning your Git repository over SSH always results in a “permission denied” error message in the terminal? Here’s how to fix it once and for all.

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Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

I operate several droplets on DigitalOcean and this issue has been bugging me for ages. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I spent a whole hour searching for and trying out various suggested fixes with absolutely no avail. Then I reflected on what I was doing in the first place and figured out the logic behind the operations.

Before we start, I wanted to let you know that you can start your own droplet on DigitalOcean with a $100 credit. Simply follow this link:

If you’re not logged in as the root user on your machine, you’ll likely have tried…

After you’ve installed MongoDB, you will want to create separate users for each database to avoid vulnerabilities if any of the users gets compromised. This MongoDB tutorial shows how.

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

If you haven’t installed MongoDB on your server yet, please follow my MongoDB installation guide here. I personally run MongoDB on a DigitalOcean droplet which was really easy to install. If you like, you can give it a try with a $100 credit by simply following this link:

Multiple Database Users vs. Single User

Should you maintain multiple database users or a single user with access to all databases? I highly recommend to keep them separate (one user per database). If any of your sites has a vulnerability and gets compromised, someone may use it to gain access to all your other databases. Using a single…

Whenever you log into your server, you’ll notice a command language interface (CLI) prompt starting with user@hostname. This tutorial shows you how to change that hostname.

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This tutorial was originally published on Gatemill:

Type the following command to change the hostname with immediate effect:

$ sudo hostname <new-hostname>

If you re-login to the CLI, you’ll be greeted with that new hostname you have set.

Additional Configuration Files to Edit

There are additional configuration files to ensure that the hostname is changed across the board. It has been saved in /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts, as well.

$ sudo nano /etc/hostname

In the text editor, update the hostname to the one above and save by existing and confirming with Yes.

Let’s proceed to the /etc/hosts file:

$ sudo nano /etc/hosts

Change <current-hostname> to…

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